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Orpheo Bena

Co-founder & CEO

Noud Van Den Eerenbeemt

Head of Operations

Warren Basset

Head of Marketing

About Startup

StyleSearch uses visual recognition technology and artificial intelligence to make shopping journeys more engaging and inspirational.


StyleSearch’s vision is to empower people to look good in their own way. Because when you look good, you feel good.
We will be a leader in experience driven commerce, transforming brands’ ability to engage shoppers, delivering a value-add for both parties.
To quote the great Diane von Furstenberg, “Style is something that each of us already has. All we need to do is find it.”


To create rich commerce experiences by making the customer journey highly personalized.

Problem & Opportunity

Every day, thousands of people visit online fashion outlets, however on average only a low single digit percentage of visitors go on to purchase something. Brands invest significantly in driving traffic to their sites, seeing a return on a fraction of that traffic. Compounding this issue is that even when a purchase is made, repeat purchases are also dismally low. A key driver of this issue is shopper drop out due to frustration with having to sift through page after page of irrelevant products. Too many shops remain little more than extensive digital catalogs with a lack of value added experiences resulting in low shopper engagement and ongoing missed opportunities.

Value proposition

StyleSearch creates solutions that improve the customer experience on their online platforms by delivering more relevant shopping journeys. StyleSearch removes multiple frustrating ‘search-scroll-repeat’ providing a ‘straight to relevance’ experience. This is achieved by combining real-time user behaviour with the latest fashion trends. The experience is further augmented by providing inspiration with instant hyper-personalized recommendations. 
StyleSearch’s technology changes the game on four dimensions:
  • Enables shopping by look. Uses visual search to instantly find clothing that looks similar across a range of products. 
  • Unlocks hyper-relevance at scale. Analysis behavioural data to ensure that shoppers only see items that are relevant to them.
  • Instant outfit recommendation. Adds value by combining user behaviour with the latest fashion trends to create complete outfit suggestions for any selected item.
  • Shows you how clothing looks and fits on the shopper. Creates Avatars based on user measurements so they know how they’ll look in something before they buy.
In addition to providing a unique and engaging shopper experience, we turn the wealth of data gathered through site usage into trend predictions and forecasts. Putting you on the front foot when planning future initiatives.

Business model

We use a SAAS based subscription model. Brands pay a monthly subscription fee based on the number of features integrated into their platform. Month-to-month agreements are available, however more competitive pricing is unlocked through annual contracts.

Four feature integrations to choose from:
– Intelligent Search: Personalized search results
– StyleCreator: Instant outfits based on a brands look/style guide
– Recommendations: Similar looking products
– Outfits: instant personalized outfits

In addition to the integrations, brands have the opportunity to receive advanced reports, insights and trend predictions for an additional fee.

Go-to-market plan

StyleSearch works directly with brands. The current market focus is the Netherlands, with work underway to expand into Italy through the second half of 2020 and across Europe over the medium term. Resell through channel partners will be considered should it provide a significant unlock for new customers or territories.
StyleSearch generated €50 000 in pre-launch revenue in only three months. A strong endorsement of the value brands see in the platform. We have our B2C innovation platform ( live currently, with over 40 shops integrated ranging from streetwear brands such as G-Star to luxury fashion wholesalers such as Miinto and an additional two new customers coming onboard in the last week.

Management team

Our team has a breadth and depth of complementary skills with a blend of startup (2 members on their third startup) and corporate experience across key functions. This balance of experience enables the team to act with the agility and entrepreneurial flair required to develop compelling solutions, combined with the corporate savvy necessary to engage leading players in the industry.

In addition to the management team, we also have a highly engaged Advisory Board which includes executives from Boston Consulting Group, OTB, AlbiniGroup and several other highly experienced strategy, creative and business leaders.


We are looking for forward-thinking brands who are looking to step-change their online retail performance in partnership with us.
In addition, we are interested in meeting with investors who buy into our vision and are interested in investing to enable us to further accelerate our product roadmap and market expansion.

Pilot Projects



We’re working with big brands such as Asos, About You, G-star and Miinto.

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