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$251k – $500k



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Management Team

Adrian Leue

Co-founder & CEO

Alessandro Nora

Co-founder & CFO

Ludovico Durante

Co-founder & CMO

Chiara Latini


Patrick Da Silva

Machine Learner

About Startup

Staiy is the first sustainable fashion marketplace merging aesthetics, sustainability and AI-technology in one place.


Sustainable fashion as an expression of valuable consumption.


Accelerate the transition towards sustainable fashion.

Problem & Opportunity

The sustainable fashion market is not ready to welcome demanding, frequent online shoppers with an immersive experience. Style selection, objective standards, personalization and seamless user experience are fundamental dimensions presenting a large industry gap. The world is increasingly turning attention to the use of our resources, and with fashion being the second most polluting industry in the world, it’s just a matter of time. With more than 75% of consumers finding sustainable alternatives very important, there is a huge opportunity to fill this gap and become the reference point for sustainable fashion online (Forbes, 2018). Staiy is here to lead the new generation of conscious consumers.

Value proposition

Staiy gives sustainable fashion a contemporary platform that reflects the modern consumer’s needs. Find the best sustainable brands in one place and enjoy a hyper-personalized user-experience thanks to AI technology. Trust what you are buying thanks to Staiy rigorous assessment of sustainability. Feel great about your purchases and track your positive impact with our contribution points. Do good to the planet and donate to world causes with our reward system. Shopping online has never felt so good.

Business model

Staiy is a multi-sided platform which facilitates the interaction between customers and brands. For this service, it charges a commission fee of 20-25% on every transaction. The company doesn’t own any inventory, which reduces the risk and makes the model highly scalable as supply is externalized. Besides the main revenue stream, Staiy provides advertising services to its brands for better placement and visibility on the website as well as PR collaborations and event participation. Furthermore, having a strong core in sustainability and tech it is collecting publicly available data and in the platform to add 2 other revenue streams which will be vital in the long-run of the business. The first one, sustainability consulting to help businesses improve their supply chains and strengthen their brand image. Then, thanks to its AI-algorithm technology which can be licensed to third parties, it is also collecting valuable data on customers’ taste and it aims at providing useful insights to other businesses through data analytics reporting.

Go-to-market plan

Staiy is positioning itself in the medium/high-end segment and its target market is Germany with an expansion focus in the Nordics.

Staiy envisions sustainable fashion as an expression of valuable consumption, enabling a change through the stories and values their pieces enable to share. Creating a real connection with its customers through storytelling, authenticity and trust is a key pillar. The aim is to have a loyal conscious community that embraces a sustainable lifestyle. 

The marketing strategy is structured across offline and online initiatives to grant the best acquisition cost. Staiy has a strong image within the industry and it is reflected by the featuring on Vogue Germany, Euronews and Vogue Business Talent. The goal is to increase awareness and increase its customer base with a mix of online advertising, influencer marketing and PR presence. To ensure an omnichannel experience and visibility, it is fundamental to take part in fashion fairs and organize events in the major cities as well as offline advertising for awareness and engaging with our community. Moreover, to strengthen the brand image and communicate Staiy’s values we envision a pop-up experiential shop with the sense of aesthetics, technology and sustainability merged in one place.

Management team

The core team has great chemistry and it is very complementary in terms of strengths and personalities. It has been working together for more than 4 years on different projects, and besides the young age has a strong personality and very driven attitude.
Adrian, the CEO has experience in private equity.
Alessandro, the CFO has experience in Corporate Finance.
Chiara, the CPO has experience in a fashion-tech accelerator and in a luxury brand.
Ludovico, the CMO has experience in digital and offline marketing.


Staiy is ready to break any projection and forecast, outcompeting any other player. We are looking for strategic investors, to complete our seed round of €1.000.000, and business partners, in the fields of Press & Media, Tech, eCRM. In addition, we would like to onboard mentors that can guide us in Staiy’s Expansion Strategy and future growth.


Over 100 brands engaged including Komodo, Rotholz-store, Rhumaa, Phyne.

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