Global FashionTech Selection Day 2022



Atelier Riforma | Italy

An AI technology for the digitization and cataloguing of textile waste connected to a B2B marketplace platform for conveying as many garments as possible towards sustainable applications

Aumarche | USA

A pre-sell social marketplace for fashion designers and brands to test their ideas and pre-sell their products, in the meantime creating a social space to exchange creative ideas

Beyond the Runway | USA

Online shopping revolutionized with virtual avatars

Bitreel | USA

Shopping platform for 3D immersive web

Clean Ocean Fiber | Brazil

A new yarn process technology for B2B greater creativity and speed of production on-demand, delivering B2C garments with advanced technology for the circular future, already valid and in production of 100 tons a month for Brazilian luxury fashion, sports, and athletic leisure brands

DNA Style | Spain

AI-powered personal stylist

Easy Try | Russia

A virtual fitting technology with seamless integration to Fashion eCommerce

Neuno | Australia

The destination marketplace for luxury fashion NFT’s and Digital Wearables

Neurality | Italy

Offering artificial Intelligence services able to solve a wide variety of computer vision complex problems in order to help automating existing production pipelines

PRE:MIND | Singapore

Enhances your VIP customer experience program and create highly personalized offers, resulting in a significant increase in customer satisfaction, and a direct impact on the spending habits of your most valuable clients

Sangrove | USA

A proprietary B2B SaaS sustainable tech platform with a sole mission to tackle overproduction of consumer goods, applying technology early in the product cycle

Sibo | USA

AI/ML powered lifestyle app that connects brands/retailers, consumers and stylists

Size PPL | Israel

Solves the measurement problem in e-Commerce with frictionless AI body measurement technology

The Id Factory | Italy

A B corp supply chain traceability service provider that allows fashion companies to gain end-to-end visibility over their value chains


A SaaS platform providing apparel brands with access to an ethical supply chain and training to grow their business for people, planet, and profit

Unbuyist | USA

Inventory optimization as as service to fashion retailers that have overstock or understock problems

Urooj Corp | USA

The new place where fashion is created

Wakaw | India

Plug & Play SaaS solution to start your own fashion NFT business

The best way to predict the future is to create it

The best way to predict the future is to create it

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