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$1001k – $1500k



Business Stage

Early Seed



Management Team

Camilla Olson


Nick Clayton


About Startup

Inclusive Fashion|Assuring Consumer Coverage


“We see a world where all women, regardless of shape and size, can find clothes that look good on their bodies where-ever they shop.”

Problem & Opportunity

We know that 30% of apparel isn’t sold and goes into landfills. Using Savitude’s unique Image Recognition technology, we analyzed the runway collections from around the world and determined there are insufficient design options for about half of women’s body shapes and the design options for other body shapes are over-represented by 30%. Solving the oversimplification of body shape in apparel design creates a $100B market opportunity that we’ve termed the “INCLUSIVITY GAP”.
Savitude’s easy to use interface allows merchandisers or designers to analyze and edit collections to satisfy all body shapes in their Brands target market.

Value proposition

Savitude enables brands to expand consumer coverage using inclusive fashion technology. Our impact on Brands is that they will serve more consumers, increasing the market size at higher margins and gather data to improve distribution. More over, Savitude enables them to be a leader in inclusivity.

Business model

B2B SaaS with annual contracts for enterprise customers. We have a freemium model available for independent designers’ trial and conversion.

Go-to-market plan

Savitude is creating a new category and is focusing on content marketing. Membership on influential activities (IEEE 3D Fit and BP committees).

Strategic sponsorships with Institutions: 1 Strategic publications with analysts (Coresight Research); 2 The LEAD 4 Women in Retail Leadership; 5 Shoptalk.

Primary market research; Speaking engagements; Publications; Social Media as an education tool.

Savitude will first focus on luxury fashion. Then we will work with technology partners to reach the rest of fashion as they are already selling to these companies. As this strategy takes hold, Savitude will expand to consumer driven design and beyond.

Savitude is watching the emergence of NFTs in fashion closely. We have a very strong play there with our existing technology.

Management team

A successful serial entrepreneur, Camilla builds new markets by matching technologists with domain experts for a more competitive result. At Savitude, she brought speed and analytics to Fashion Design empowering an inclusive mission is to help brands adapt fashion for all women’s body shapes. Camilla Olson, CEO, founded, with exits, two predictive modeling companies in the pharmaceutical space. She earned an MFA in fashion design, ran her own eCommerce label for 5 years. She studied “fit” with her private clients, then founded Savitude using AI to ensure a personalized solution.

Nick Clayton, CTO, having worked previously in several startups, is experienced in Computer Vision and Machine Learning as well as the many supporting systems that keep a software company going. His broad grasp of systems, determination and logical focus make for an effective CTO (as well as an intimidating board gaming strategist).

Pilot Projects

Successful completion of 3 pilots with Target Corp with our Recommendation technology (Core to the Design Studio); Successful completion of POC with Gerber Technology.


Savitude is collaborating with Gerber Technology’s New York City Innovation Center on a data workflow from design to production. Savitude’s front-end design plugging into Gerber Technology’s on-demand product development and production ensures that personalization and fit in design carry all the way through to the finished garment. Savitude is also translating its Design Studio into Chinese for the luxury eCommerce site Secoo.


Savitude is looking for luxury fashion customers who want to expand their consumer coverage. We are also looking for technology channel partners who are selling tools into the product development process.


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