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Looped is an online marketplace for upcycle designers, a community of conscious creators redefining fashion.


Our mission is to reduce textile waste. We are a community of designers creating upcycling products, from existing materials that would have otherwise been discarded, for eco-conscious fashion lovers. Looped is a brand new circular platform defining the future of fashion. Now.

Problem & Opportunity

Over 100 billion pieces of clothing produced each year and less than 1% being recycled into new clothing, the underutilisation of this clothing is costing 500 billion USD each year.

Unsustainable practices are driving demand for more sustainable alternatives with 70% of consumers saying that addressing climate change is now more important than ever, they say this because they care about our planet. At Looped, we do too. There is a huge gap in the market for conscious consumers looking for more sustainable alternatives, and as upcycling is one of the most sustainable things you can do in the inudstry today, we created Looped.

Upcycling is growing in populartiy, with 59 percent of Generation Z and 57 percent of Millennials buying upcycled products. However, in a growing market, upcycle designers are mostly selling on resale platforms, giving them limited visibility and forcing them to de value their creations. For conscious consumers currently looking for upcycled products, with no easy way to find upcycled designers they are spending hours doing research trying to locate high-quality designers.

Value proposition

Looped is a subscription-based marketplace, bringing together a community of sustainably conscious and innovative upcycle designers in the UK and EU. A sustainably focussed platform where you can find all the latest brands and independent designers, that sell unique, one of a kind upcycled garments. 

We believe that for the industry to become fully sustainable, collaboration is key. That is why along with the Looped marketplace we will be launching brand collaborations. This program is the perfect opportunity for us to work with brands who believe what we believe. We will be facilitating collaborations between brands and Looped designers, giving brands are providing an opportunity to creatively utilize excess stock and materials. 

Business model

The Looped marketplace is a B2C platform with revenue generated by taking a 20% commission on each transaction processed. For the marketplace we do not own any inventory, which reduces the risk and makes the model highly scalable.

Our Brand Partnerships are a B2B model. As the caliber of these collections is much higher and Looped will be managing inventory, after reembursing brands for the materails provided, Looped will be taking a higher commission. This additional revenue will go back into additional marketing and PR costs. 

In years two and three we will be diversifying our revenue stream with the collecition of materials through our manufacturing partnerships as well as introducing subscription options for designers by offering marketing, advertising and data insights.

Go-to-market plan

Our marketing strategy consists of an omnichannel approach, designed to engage, educate and inspire. We believe in the power of storytelling as it allows us to communicate with our community in a genuine and organic way.
We will be using, SEO & Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Content Markeing, Brand Collaborations, Traditional PR & building of the Looped Community.

Management team

Hannah Standen: Co-Founder & CEO
Hannah has a versatile skill set with business experience across Sustainability, Business Management, Finance, Non For Profit and Digital Marketing, she has worked for multinational companies in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

Amy Ayrton: Co-Founder & COO 
Amy has over ten years of experience within the fashion industry in Sydney, New York and London. Starting began her career in PR before moving to NY and becoming the Director of Operations for Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

Martina Sorghi: Co-Founder & CCO
Martina studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Fashion Design in Milan and later Sustainable Fashion in London before working in concept creation, branding, design and merchandising for with multiple emerging fashion brands both in the United Kingdom and Italy.


While we have not yet launched, we have begun onboarding designers for the marketplace as well as speaking with a number of luxury brands who have verbally committed to working with us, when we launch later this year.


Currently, we are looking for strategic investors to asssit with our first round of £200,000, this is to help us develop the marketplace as well as to support us with marketing and operations for the first 12 months.


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