This is SBC FashionTech 2021 IMPACT DEMO DAY.
Join us, as our cohort addresses the importance of addressing today’s challenges. Hear our innovators pitch their companies – alongside our corporate partners and our top industry experts – connect with them in the Q&A sessions, and for a bit of fun, we are making everyone an angel investor for the day in our interactive investment game.

FashionTech’21 Program Recap

Three months of incredibly hard work, determination and innovation have spurred our startups that have kept perfecting their solutions overcoming also the challenges of social distancing. This IMPACT Demo Day is a celebration of all of their achievements.

A few statistics

Meet the FashionTech’21 Cohort

The Startupbootcamp FashionTech Program analysed over 1,200 startups globally. Meet the 12 innovative teams who, together, form the 2021 cohort.

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